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Holding Live Presentations

With ReviewStudio, any comments or annotations you make will show up in realtime to any other users that are viewing the same file. This gives you the ability, if desired, to have informal, free-for-all interactive exchanges on a specific item. If the Review includes multiple items or video, you may also hold more structured "presentations" where one presenter at a time controls the navigation and markup and all the other participants will be synced to the same item or video frame being played.

To hold a live presentation, follow these steps:

  1. Send the Review link and set up the meeting time to all intended participants using your standard calendar application (ensure that your participants have a user account in advance or allow "guest" access to the Review - an option available when you create it).

  2. At the specified time, you may confirm which participants are available for the presentation by clicking on the "Collaborators" button in the review canvas and checking their online status.

  3. Any online collaborator can initiate the presentation by clicking on the "Present" button. This will give that participant full control of the Review Canvas to navigate between items and to make markups (these will show up in real-time to all participants once accepted). If the item is a video, the presenter may play the video and all participants will be synchronized to the same frame. The same is true navigating through pages of a PDF file. 

  4. While one person has control of the Presentation, the navigation and annotation controls for the other participants are deactivated. If another person wishes to take control of the Presentation, they may click on the name of the current presenter and select themselves from the list of participants.

  5. During a live presentation an additional "Laser Pointer" tool is activated at the top of the annotation tool menu. When this is activated, any meeting participant can draw a free-form line on the Canvas that will display temporarily on to all participants. This can be used as a convenient way to point out specific visual elements during a discussion without leaving a persistent comment.

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