Account Settings and Branding

Your ReviewStudio account provides you with a private and customizable review site for managing the review and approval workflows for all your projects. When you first registered your account you establish the custom domain for your site at There are a number of settings that you can customize to provide a more branded experience for your organizations and external reviewers.  These settings can be modified by clicking on "Settings" at the top of the main dashboard. From here the primary settings page contains a number of parameters as described below. Remember to click "Save" at the bottom of the page after making any modifications to these settings. 

Logo - You can upload your company logo and background color to display on your login pages, notifications and your dashboard. If you do not upload a logo then the company name (also indicated on this settings page) will be shown instead. To display a logo click "Upload" and select  a .jpg or .png image of your logo from your computer. Your logo will be automatically scaled to fit but for the highest quality we recommend a width of at least xxx . You can also upload a .png file with a transparent background. Check "Use Logo on Dashboard" if this option is desired.

Theme background color - Click on the "Pick Color" us your standard OS color picker to select a  color to show as border and background logo color on your login pages notifications and dashboard.

Company Name - This name will be used as the "From" field on any platform notifications to your users. If a logo is not used, this name will also be displayed on your login pages, notifications and dashboard.

Time Zone - Set the default time zone of your organization. All timestamps and deadlines shown in the platform will be displayed in the timezone selected. Note the individual users located in different time zones can set an alternate zone in their user profiles if they wish to show timestamps and deadlines in their local time. 

Time Limit to Edit Annotations - By default, reviewers will have 90 minutes to edit or delete any annotations or approval actions they make. After 90 minutes the annotations and approvals will be locked and can no longer be modified (this is done to prevent reviewers from modifying their instructions long after implemented changes are made). You can modify or eliminate this time limit altogether by selecting the desired time from the dropdown menu. 

Final approval requirement for multi-approver reviews - This setting establishes your company business rule as to when a file will be considered "approved" when multiple approvers are involved. If this setting is set to "All approvers" then the file will only be considered approved when all the approvers approve it. If this setting is set to "Any approver" then the file will be considered approved when any approver approves it. 

Enable video encoding on new reviews by default - By default, ReviewStudio encodes all uploaded videos to ensure that they are optimized for web playback (videos are converted to .mp4 H264 at 3mbs). If you already produce .mp4 H264 video and would prefer a higher bit rate you can uncheck this default to bypass the encoding process.

API Key - If you wish to utilize the ReviewStudio API to integrate your account into another platform you may contact us to initiate the API key and webhooks for the account (Note this functionality is available only for Studio plans or higher). 

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