Creating and Editing Your Client List

If your organization is involved in developing projects for numerous external or internal clients you can define and maintain a client list. New projects and reviews can then be organized into their appropriate clients to help you better organize and manage multiple projects on an ongoing basis. If you organization does not work with multiple clients then all projects are simply defined by default with your own company name as the client and this feature can be ignored. 

Only admins can define or modify your company client list.

To add a new client:
1. Click on +New above the client list.
2. Enter the client name and the click "Create Client" 

To edit and existing client name:
1. Hover over the client name in the list and click the "edit" button. 

2. Change the name and click "Edit Client". The name will be updated in all the locations that it is displayed in the platform. 

To delete a client:
1. Click the client name of the client you want to delete. The adjacent Project list will then display any current projects associate to that client.
2. Hover over the client name and click the "delete" button. 

3. You may select to delete all the projects and reviews associated to that client or to move those reviews to your default client (your own company). Note that you can also edit each Project individually to move them to different clients.

4. Click "Delete" to confirm your choice and delete the client name from your list. 

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