Introduction to ReviewStudio R3

Our new ReviewStudio release represents a major advance in the evolution of our application. We’ve completely reimplemented the project management functionality of the platform with an updated responsive design and many new features to further streamline your project workflows. 

While the dashboard of the new release has been considerably upgraded from the current version, the overall functionality and workflows of the application remains similar to the current release so migrating from the current release to the new one will involve minimal disruption to your current operations. In particular,  there have been no changes in this release to the review canvas functionality so your users and guests only involved in reviewing and approving files will not be affected. 

There are a few major new features to tell you about that you may want to take advantage of right away and to help you become familiar with these new features please review the following 6 minute video. Additional step-by-step instructions for issues covered in the video are also provided below:

 Client Organization. To help you better manage and categorize your Projects, we've added the ability to organize Projects by their respective clients. By default all your existing Projects have been initially organized into one Client (which is your own company name). An admin can set up your client list using these steps:
  1. Click on "Settings" (top of dashboard) and then the "Clients & Projects" tab.
  2. Add the names of all the Clients you are currently working with by clicking the "+New" button over the client list. 
  3. For each project in the project list click on the edit button and then select the client to associate that project to.
  4. The listing of your active Clients and Projects will now show in the left menu on the main dashboard and you can click on any Project in the list to show only the Reviews associated with that particular Client and Project. 
Project Teams.  The new release introduces an optional feature to define a specific team for any given project (note that this functionality is only available for "Studio" plans and above). If a project team is defined, then users involved in that project will only be able see and share new reviews with the people on that team. To set a Project team you use the following steps:
  1. Click on "Settings" (top of dashboard) and then the "Clients & Projects" tab.
  2. If you want to define a new project the click the "+ New" button over the Project list and specify the name and client for the new project. 
  3. After the project is created (or for one that already exists) click on the + circle button next to the project name and the select the users you want to add to the team from the menu that activates. User can also be removed from a team by clicking on the red "x" next to their name.
Guest Users. Sharing a Review with Guests is now initiated on the "Share" menu that is activated when you click on the + circle next to the list of current Review participants. You can also now add specific guest emails so that you can send them notifications along with regular users through the "notify" tab of the share menu.

Notification Branding. All the notifications that are sent through the system will now be formatted with any logo and background color that you define in your account settings.

If you have any questions getting started with the new release or would like to arrange for a short online demo please contact us at and we'll be happy to help out.

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