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User Profiles and Notification Settings

Every user can edit their own user profile and notification preferences. 

To edit your user profile and notification preferences:
  1. Select Profile from the dropdown menu next to your name in the upper right of the Dashboard. 

  2. Edit any fields you want change. If you don't change a field (including your password) it will remain as is. Note that users cannot change their names or email addresses independently. For security and authentication purposes, only account admins can make these changes. 

  3. You may upload a profile image to use for your personal avatar in the platform. This can be a .jpg or .png image and it will automatically be scaled to fit within the circle provided.

  4. You may determine which Review activities you want to be notified for by email. Review Notifications will only be sent for Reviews that are shared with you. These notification options are:
    Notify on New Notes - You will receive a notification when someone adds one or more new notes to a Review you are participating in. When you open the Review, any new notes will be identified with a red marker so you can easily find the updated information. 

    Notify on Task Activity- You will receive a notification when someone sets a new task for you to address. If you are an "Admin" you will also receive a notification when someone completes a task in a Review. When you open the Review, any tasks that are assigned to you will be highlighted by a purple bar in the comment header.

    Notify on Approval Decisions - You will receive a notification as soon as someone approves or rejects any particular file in a Review. The notification will also include any comment associated to that decision. 

  5. You may also determine the Notification Frequency. If you select "Immediate" you will receive an email for each action specified. If you select any other period, you will receive a single digest email that provides a summary of any actions performed for each review within each time period selected. 

  6. You may set a personal timezone that may differ from the default company timezone. All timestamps and deadlines shown in the platform will be displayed in the timezone that you set. 

  7. ReviewStudio supports a growing list of languages that are used for the Review Canvas tool. If it's supported, the language shown in the Review Canvas will automatically correspond to the default language of your browser. But if you would prefer to override your default setting, you may specify the language of choice by selecting it from the dropdown menu of supported languages. 

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