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Task Management

Using our integrated task management feature, project managers can assign any comments as tasks to be completed by specific collaborators who are part of a Review. Once a comment is assigned as a task, color coding on the file thumbnails and comment headers will quickly indicate to each collaborator which tasks they are responsible for and which tasks have already been completed. Status flags on the main dashboard will also indicate to each user which Reviews have tasks yet to be completed.

To assign a comment as a task:

Note that only “Admins” and "Collaborators" can assign tasks.

1. On an existing comment select the task icon from the comment tool bar.

2. Click on the user you wish to assign the task to (all users that are part of the Review will be shown). You can also assign the task to yourself as a reference for future action.

3. After selecting the user, you have the option to add any additional comments or instructions. Then click “Done” to confirm the assignment.

4. As with regular “Replies”, you have a certain time period in which you can delete your task assignment but even after that time period expires, you can click on “Cancel Task” in the task menu to cancel the task assignment.

5. As an Admin or Collaborator, you also have the option to just select “Set as task completed” (without first assigning it to yourself) as a way of visually indicating that the task associated to this comment is now finished (a green band will also appear in the comment header).

6. As an Admin you can also see all tasks that have been assigned to all collaborators in the Review and you have the ability to reassign tasks if necessary (even after a task is completed). A “TASK” flag will show up on all thumbnails that have tasks associated with them and a purple band will show on the header of all task-assigned comments (the band turns green when the task is completed). Files that have tasks assigned to yourself (vs. tasks assigned to others) will be differentiated by showing “TASK*” on the thumbnail and an orange band on the comment.

To complete a task:

Users of any role (aside from guests) can complete a task assigned to them.

1. After a task is assigned, users who have their notifications activated (in their user profile) will receive an email notification that new tasks have been assigned to them (one email is sent per session so it may include several tasks). In their dashboard they can filter to show any Reviews that have open task assigned to them. 

2. Once in the Review, the user will see a “TASK*” flag on any thumbnail that has a task assigned specifically to them. An orange band will also be shown on the comment header of all such tasks.

3. Once a task has been completed, the user can click on the task icon to indicate that it’s finished. An additional note may be added prior to confirming the completion of the task by clicking “Done”. Once a task is completed the color band in the comment header will turn green as an indicator that the task has been completed.

4. There are three comment filters you can use to help you better track the tasks:

  • "Show all tasks" will display all comments that are set as tasks (for yourself and others, open or completed). 
  • "Show my open tasks" will only display any tasks that are assigned to you that are not yet completed.
  • "Hide completed tasks" will hide any comments that were marked as completed. This can be very useful when you simply mark feedback as complete without assigning it first. 

5. The user has as specified time period in which to delete the completion “reply” in which case the comment will revert to its prior status as an assigned task pending completion.

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