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Review Sharing

Once you upload your files and create a Review, you may share the Review with other users or "Guests" to solicit feedback and approvals and to assign and manage tasks. Note that for the individual “Pro” accounts you can only share Reviews with guests. 

To share a Review with other Users and Guests:
  1. Click on the “Share Review” button for the Review (or the + button next to the display of user avatars).

  2. On the Team tab, select each user that you wish to share the Review with. 

  3. Use the switch button next to each user to indicate if that user should approve the files in the Review (the approval options menu on the Review Canvas will only show to users who are "Approvers").

  4. To provide guest access to a Review click on the Guest tab and the check Allow Guest Access. You can specify if you want Guests to approve files as well as set a guest password for the Review (otherwise no password will be required). You can provide a specific list of emails for each Guest in order to send them notifications through the share menu. Note that anyone with the Review link can enter the Review as a Guest so you don't have to know in advance the email addresses of each reviewer.

  5. You can add or remove users or guests from a Review at any time by clicking the red X next to their name.

  6. To notify and provide explicit instructions about the Review click on the Notify tab and select the users and guests you wish to notify. You can also edit the instructions you want to send or select from pre-defined message template (see this article for setting up templates). Click on Send and those users and guests indicated will receive a branded email providing the Review link and the instructions provided. 

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