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Using Review Labels

Review labels provide a flexible way for you to further organize and manage the ongoing review workflows for your organization. For example, you can define labels to represent various stages of a project and apply those labels to help you track the current status of each Review. Or you can define labels to represent the various levels of a tiered approval process and then track at which level each Review resides. 

How to create and apply labels:

1. Only an Admin can define and manage the list of labels that can be applied to any Review. This is managed in the Settings > Label menu. To add a label click on the +New button on top of the label table and enter the name of the new label. To edit or delete a label, hover over its name in the table and then select the edit or delete icon that appears in the row. There is no limit to the number of labels you can define.

2. To apply a label to a Review select "Edit Labels" on the Review card action menu. This will open a menu with a searchable list of all the available labels. Add or delete the labels you want to apply and close the menu to save. You can also edit the labels from the Review options menu. 

3. In the main dashboard any applied labels will be visible on the Review cards and a list of all the utilized labels will also be shown in the filter menu at the left of the page. Selecting a label filter will result in only Reviews with that label applied being displayed in the dashboard. 

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