Message Templates for Notifications

Over the course of a project there are a number of reasons that you may want to send an explicit notification out to Review participants regrading actions that you require from them. Some typical examples of when this would be appropriate include:
  1. When you first upload files to a new Review and you want to share it for feedback and/or approval actions.
  2. When you upload a new version of one or more of the files and you want to inform your users and guests that the new version is ready for review. In these update notifications you may also want to be explicit about what round of revisions is being released. 
  3. Throughout the project you may have specific instructions that you want to provide specific reviewers or collaborators. 
The instructions and messages sent out in the above scenarios are typically the same from project to project and Review to Review. In order to facilitate and standardize the creation of these messages, ReviewStudio provides a feature for you to create templates of all the various messages you may send.  When you send a new notification, you can then simply select the desired message from your template list to automatically include it within your notification. 

To  Create a Message Template:
  1. Click on Settings > Templates (Note that only Admins can access Settings to setup the templates).
  2. Click on the "Create New Message Template".
  3. Enter the name of the template and the message text you want to include. 
  4. Click "Save Template".

To Edit a Template:
  1. Select "Edit" from the template action menu.
  2. Change the name or message text as desired.
  3. Click "Save Template".
Note that the name of the default template cannot be changed but you can edit the text. 

To Delete a Template:
  1. Select "Delete" from the template action menu.
  2. Confirm that you want to delete the template. 
Note the the default template cannot be deleted but you can delete its text. 

Selecting a Template

If more than one template is created, the option to select a template when creating a new notification on the share menu will then be presented. Selecting from template name from the dropdown menu will add the text of the template to the current notification message. Note that once the template text is added, you can make additional edits to that specific message as desired. 

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